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External Exam Results

The latest network results on external examinations are testament to the high-quality education delivered to students in SABIS® Network schools around the world.

Over the span of 130+ years, the achievements of students in the SABIS® Network have contributed to a reputation for excellence.

University Acceptances

Schools in the SABIS® Network seek to get almost all students, rather than a select few, accepted to college or university. 

Students are admitted on a non-selective basis and follow the SABIS® Educational System™ to help prepare them for college or university.  

Year after year, students in SABIS® Network schools are accepted to many of the world’s top colleges and universities.

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Harvard University
  • MIT
  • Princeton University
  • Stanford University

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University Acceptances

Success Stories

There is a success story behind every student in the SABIS® Network.

Stephanie Colón

This is a story about a shy student who developed her talents at HCCS and used the foundation she built at the school to become the first in her family to go to college.

Stephanie Colón joined HCCS as a second grader on September 12, 2005, the same day the school opened for the very first time. She was shy, but behind her reserved facade was a curious young girl eager to learn and discover her talents. Her curiosity quickly helped her build a record of academic success, and thanks to her active involvement in SLO® – she was an Academic Prefect, peer tutor, mentor for younger students, and a cheerleader – Stephanie also overcame her shyness. 

On June 22, 2012, Stephanie completed Grade 8, and as HCCS is a K-8 school, she had to move to a local high school to complete her secondary education. She had always wished that HCCS were a K-12 school so that she could graduate from there, but, knowing that it was not, she was determined to show her new school the strong foundation HCCS had given her. “Thanks to HCCS, I was able to enroll in accelerated classes in high school. The SABIS® curriculum prepared me for advanced classes in high school, and now in my senior year I am taking Advanced Placement® courses.” She is finishing her Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses in English, Physics, Spanish, and Calculus and has a GPA of 3.90.   
She is also a member of the National Honor Society, a U.S. organization established to recognize outstanding high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

As a “first-generation-to-college” student, Stephanie joined the Northfield Upward Bound Program, a federally sponsored academic program that assists students who will be the first in their family to achieve a bachelor’s degree. The program assisted her with college and financial aid applications. She applied to College of the Holy Cross, Fairfield University, the University of Massachusetts in Lowell and Amherst, Providence College, and Emmanuel College and was accepted at all of them. She is still in the process of deciding which one to attend.

Reflecting on her time at HCCS and the future ahead of her, Stephanie commented: "HCCS is and always will be my foundation. I learned how to become a hard working student through the SABIS® Educational System. The school always pushed me to achieve my fullest potential, so I developed the drive to push myself to the limit. I know I am successful because of my HCCS foundation."

We wish Stephanie all the best in college and beyond.

Stephanie Colón

Yousef El Raghy

This is a story of a challenging student with impulsive behavior who turned everything around and became a model student with a bright future.  

Yousef El-Raghy joined ISC-6 October in 2009 as a 6th grader. During the first couple of years, even though he learned concepts easily and got good grades, he was a very difficult student and often found himself in trouble. The school administrators had frequent meetings with him and his parents and even discussed whether ISC-6 October was the right school for him.  

When Yousef was in the 10th grade, ISC-6 October introduced Model United Nations (MUN) as an SLO® activity, and it immediately caught Yousef’s attention. He became active in MUN, eventually winning five awards at various MUN events, and started getting involved in other SLO® initiatives. He was one of the first students in the school to get involved with the SABIS® On-Demand Tutoring project. He was also an active member of the school’s SABIS® STARS team, winning third place in debate on two occasions. Inspired by the school’s involvement in community service projects, Yousef founded his own non-governmental organization (NGO) called Aspire to help high school students find opportunities to volunteer. Today Aspire works with five NGO partners, seven schools, and has 650 student members.

Having found his place at ISC-6 October through the ongoing support of the school and his parents, Yousef really began to shine. He was selected by the administration to deliver a college seminar for students and parents to help guide them through the application process. The largest venture capital firm in Egypt offered him an internship usually given only to college students after he wowed them in an interview. He scored 2200 on the SAT I and an 800 and 740 on SAT II math and chemistry, respectively. Yousef was also accepted to seven universities, four of which are top rated in the field of economics and finance: NYU Stern, ranked second in finance worldwide ($140,000 scholarship); Vanderbilt University, ranked among the top 15 universities in the U.S. ($132,000 scholarship); Carnegie Mellon University, ranked top 5 in economics ($80,000 scholarship); and Cornell University, an Ivy League school in the top 15 worldwide ($175,000 scholarship).

In looking back at the time he has spent at ISC-6 October, Yousef is humbled. “I know that I had major problems in the past, and I believed that my future was not bright,” he said. “But SABIS® and my school helped me change into someone I can be proud of.”

Yousef will be heading off to Cornell University in the fall and we are eager to watch him continue on the path to success.

Yousef El Raghy Yousef El Raghy
ISC-6 October
Yousef El Raghy

Yazen Taka

This is a story of a student whose approach to overcoming a challenge is a lesson for others – and the student is only in the 4th grade!

Yazen Taka joined ISC-Dream City in August 2015 as a Grade 4 student. His family had just moved to Erbil after fleeing their home in Mosul, Iraq, and sought refuge in Kurdistan following the ISIS occupation of their home town.  

When Yazen joined ISC-Dream City, he spoke almost no English, having previously attended a school in which Arabic was the language of instruction. He struggled to understand what was going on around him, and making friends was difficult.

From his very first day at the school, Yazen was placed in an English booster class in addition to the regular English course. He would sit attentively in class listening to every word his teacher said. He was always the first in his class to take notes, and he always followed instructions. At the end of the first term, Yazen’s English average was 59, but he had an 80% in reading and an 87% in grammar. He continued to work hard, studying after school with the support of his mother. By the end of the second term, his average was 78, and he didn’t hesitate telling his teachers that his goal was to have an average of 90 by the end of the year!

Slowly, as Yazen’s English improved, he started to make friends, mostly because he allowed himself some time away from studying. He volunteered as a peer tutor in math, and as he helped others understand math concepts, they helped him improve his English. As we write this story, only ten months after starting to learn English, Yazen is conversing freely in the language and his average stands at 89%!

At such a young age, Yazen has shown that hard work, focus, and determination pay off. He set his mind on success, and with the support of the school and his family, he is getting there faster than many would have imagined.

Yazen Taka Yazen Taka
ISC-Dream City
Yazen Taka

Antonio Nesbitt

This is the story of a student who learned the meaning and value of hard work and determination.

Antonio Nesbitt joined SICS as a 7th grader. Having transferred to SICS from a religious school, he possessed a strong moral foundation and a desire to help others, which he continued to build upon at SICS in addition to learning the meaning and value of hard work. In fact, Antonio’s teachers characterized him as “one of the hardest working students” they had ever met. “He was always well-prepared for class and offered insights that helped enhance the entire class,” they said.

Antonio’s strong work ethic paved the way for his academic success. He developed strong study habits and a motivation to succeed. He opted for challenging courses such as AP® U.S. History and calculus in addition to taking more science, Spanish, and history courses than he needed to fulfill graduation requirements.

Beyond academics, Antonio was also a talented athlete. He was on the school’s soccer and tennis teams.  Even though he was not necessarily the most gifted on the pitch or court, he brought the same level of commitment to sports as he did to his schoolwork, eventually earning the status of league All-Star in soccer. 

Antonio was also interested in track and field, but SICS did not compete in the sport. Instead of putting his interest on a shelf, Antonio and some of his friends set out to start the school’s first interscholastic track and field program. Under Antonio’s leadership, they found another local school interested in the sport and formed a cooperative arrangement with them. Thus began SICS’s competitive track and field program, a program that developed into an independent, varsity team and is still going strong nearly 10 years later.  

Antonio graduated from SICS in 2009. His academic performance had earned him a John and Abigail Adams Scholarship. He headed to Lasell College, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology. He then went on to complete a master’s degree in criminology, terrorism, and security policy from American University.    

Antonio is currently working as a research assistant at the Crime and Justice Institute and says that SICS played an important role in empowering him for the future: “The combination of hard work, challenging curriculum, and innovative standards set by SABIS® was essential to my personal and professional growth and successfully prepared me for college and beyond.”


Antonio Nesbitt

Hashim Abdelkarim Al-Kattan

This is the story of a young man who is determined to use his education to shape the future of his country.

Hashim Abdulkarim Al-Kattan joined ISC-Erbil at the age of 8 as a Grade 3 student. Having previously resided in Southern Iraq, Hashim’s family was considering settling in Erbil in 2007, drawn by the newfound stability in the region. The opportunity to send their children to attend a top-quality, international school in Erbil ultimately helped them decide to make the move.

Coming from a household that did not speak English, Hashim struggled when he first joined ISC-Erbil. He was placed in intensive English classes at school, where he could be immersed in the language. After developing his skills in English, he joined regular English classes and never looked back. He distinguished himself as a strong student, deepening his own knowledge by helping others as an SLO® peer tutor and study buddy. Being a mentor for his peers also kept him humble about his own abilities and helped him build meaningful friendships. He pursued a challenging course of study including AP® classes, buoyed by the excellent results – 5 A*s and 1 A on his IGCSEs and outstanding SAT I and SAT II scores – he received along the way.

With an excellent record of academic performance behind him and with the support of his teachers and the school’s university advisor, in his senior year Hashim applied to a number of top U.S. colleges and universities with the intent to study biology and then medicine. He was accepted at Brown University, the University of Chicago, and Harvard University, which also offered him a full, four-year scholarship. Today, he is Harvard bound.

Hashim attributes his success to the SABIS® Educational System. “The system challenges you to such great standards that even if you have achieved a high score, you always want to do better. I might have succeeded in another place, but the SABIS® Educational System at ISC-Erbil has cleared the way to achieve this success,” he said. 

After completing university, Hashim plans to return to Kurdistan, a place that he feels bound by national pride to support. “With the education and opportunities we have been given,” he said in his speech at graduation, “we have to drive the wheels of our region forward, and this will not happen without effort. We need to pursue excellence on every level and strive for perfection.” And if his past accomplishments are any indication, it appears as if Hashim will certainly be up to the task.

Hashim Abdelkarim Al-Kattan

Nour Bazzi

This is a story about a student who is leveraging her SLO® experience to set herself apart as a medical school applicant.

Nour Bazzi joined ISC-Sharjah as a first grade student in 2006. She is currently completing the 11th grade and is in the midst of the university application process. Nour wants to be a doctor; it has been her dream for as long as she can remember. Throughout her time at ISC-Sharjah, Nour has been an excellent student, consistently performing at the top of her class academically. She knows that strong academics are a must for anyone applying to study medicine and so she has worked hard to get good grades and develop an in-depth understanding of all her subjects. Aware that most students applying to study medicine have good grades, Nour has sought to make herself stand out as an individual who actively contributes to shaping her environment and helping those around her.

Nour has been very involved in making a difference in her community at ISC-Sharjah. She is active in the SLO® Academics Department as a tutor for students who need to prepare for retake exams. Drawing on her own knowledge of the subject and a strong sense of compassion for others, Nour has been effective in helping students master challenging concepts. The sense of gratification she felt from helping others led her to pursue volunteering avenues outside her school community.

In the summer before her junior year at ISC-Sharjah, Nour signed up as a volunteer for “Projects Abroad,” one of the world’s leading international volunteer organizations. The specific project she chose to become involved with was in Ghana, where she worked for six weeks providing basic medical support to people in local hospitals, orphanages, and villages. She also worked with orphaned children and in the village school, using her experiences as an SLO® peer tutor to guide her.

Now, with only one summer remaining before Nour completes her university applications, she is not sitting idle hoping that her application will be different enough from the others. Nour will be taking part in the Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Summer Internship at Stanford University in the U.S. Out of thousands of high school students who applied worldwide, Nour’s application stood out and she was selected for the prestigious internship. We suspect the same will happen with her medical school application when the time comes and wish her all the best!

Nour Bazzi Nour Bazzi
Nour Bazzi

Rachel Chehayeb

This is a story of a student whose determination to perform well on the SAT inspired an initiative that helped improve not only her performance but her classmates’ as well.

Rachel Chehayeb joined ISC-Choueifat as a 4th grader in 2007. She graduated from the school in June of 2016. During her time at ISC-Choueifat, Rachel distinguished herself as an ambitious, intelligent, hardworking, and determined student, qualities that she maintained even through a period when her father suffered a serious illness. She developed strong study habits and encouraged her peers to do the same.

In addition to her focus on academics, Rachel was also an active participant in SLO®. She held a number of leadership positions including Deputy Head for the Lower School, Activities, and Academic departments. In her senior year, she was selected as Head Prefect and effectively led a large team of students.  The many positions she held helped her develop her skills in leadership, communication, strategic planning, and teamwork. 

As a junior in high school, Rachel began thinking about university and the application process. She knew that she wanted to attend a top university in the U.S. and would need to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and do well. She also knew that the math and English curriculum at ISC-Choueifat were geared to provide the necessary foundation for her to take the SAT. Rachel also knew that she would be prepared for the test, but she wanted to do more to make sure that she – and others – could get the best possible score. So she got to work.

Rachel took on the management of the SAT information board at the school and expanded its contents to include the word of the day, a daily math challenge, and SAT study tips and tactics. She organized and ran SAT study groups during lunch breaks and after school. She organized a mock SAT exam one week before the official test and oversaw the proctoring and correction of the mock exams by prefects. She also gave an SAT presentation to students in grades 9 and 10 to impress upon them the importance of daily SAT study habits. 

As a result of Rachel’s efforts, 35% of ISC-Choueifat students in grades 10 and 11 participated in mock SAT exam sessions.  Many others attended the study groups. The additional practice and exposure helped them earn higher scores on the official SAT. Rachel, herself, also benefitted from her initiatives. She scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT I and also earned full marks on three SAT II subjects (physics, math, and chemistry). With great SAT results, a strong academic record, active community engagement, and determination, Rachel is headed to Yale University in the fall. 

Rachel Chehayeb Rachel Chehayeb
Rachel Chehayeb

Salman Sabir

This is the story of how a young man used the education he received at ISC-Lahore to excel in life.

Salman Sabir joined ISC-Lahore as a student in KG1 in 1996 and graduated in the Class of 2010. While Salman was an average student who struggled at times, particularly in math-related subjects, his strong sense of determination and focus along with the structure of the SABIS® Educational System kept him pushing forward. Ongoing support from ISC-Lahore teachers and administrators also motivated him to achieve his full potential. He remembers his math teacher telling him, “You are very near the finish line; all you have to do is run towards it.” And so Salman pressed on.

While at ISC-Lahore, Salman took every opportunity to get involved in shaping student life at the school. He was an active member of SLO® and held positions as Discipline Prefect, Management Prefect, and Shadow Teacher®. He also participated in numerous community service projects, igniting in him a commitment to make a difference.

After Salman graduated from ISC-Lahore, he went on to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering and minor in physics, two subjects that he had found challenging at school, but fields of study that he was determined to master. Early on at the University of Arkansas in the U.S., he discovered that his time at ISC-Lahore had given him an amazing foundation. “In my freshman year at university, I barely had to open a book to study because I had already learned every single concept they were teaching,” he said. He realized that “all those homework assignments, SABIS® AMS tests, and Periodic Exams at ISC-Lahore were not there to stress you, but to simply prepare you to excel on your journey ahead.”

Salman successfully completed his university degree in the U.S. and returned to his village in Pakistan to fulfill his dream of joining his family’s poultry business. Drawing on the knowledge and skills he gained at ISC-Lahore and university, he took over the business’ newest project, a state-of-the-art poultry plant aimed at becoming the largest of its kind in Pakistan. Salman also continues his commitment to making a difference and giving back, which he extended to his family. Together they run many charity projects like the hospital they built in their village, which offers free treatment to its patients, as well as actively helping run the school in the village, which Salman tries to model after his own, ISC-Lahore.

From his position now as a successful, compassionate businessman, Salman reflects on his time at ISC-Lahore. He can still hear the words spoken to him by the ISC-Lahore School Director, “You have the ability to excel; you just don’t know it yet.” Thanks to his time at ISC-Lahore, the SABIS® Educational System, and his own perseverance and determination, he knows it now and he’s living it!

Salman Sabir Salman Sabir
Salman Sabir
Success Stories

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