For a changing world

SABIS® and SABIS® schools have a long-standing commitment to research and development of new technologies designed with the student in mind. As a result, our students have meaningful experiences with modern, up-to-date methods and technologies used to improve and enrich their day-to-day learning experience, enhance their academic performance, and challenge the boundaries of traditional learning environments.

As a leader in education since 1886, SABIS® truly believes in providing an “Education for a Changing World,” and today’s world calls for E-learning solutions to be available in every school and for every student.

The Right

In order to move successfully from traditional classroom teaching to E-learning, the right infrastructure has to be in place. That infrastructure includes a systematic approach to teaching, instructional methodologies that empower students to take an active role in the learning cycle and, of course, access to the technology tools that can facilitate the entire process. These are all elements that SABIS® has spent decades developing.


The SABIS® Approach to Teaching

The SABIS® teaching methodology is a well-structured, systematic, and efficient approach using the SABIS® Point System. In every subject, in every level, SABIS® has precisely identified measurable learning objectives, called “learning points.” During every class, teachers present one “point” at a time, and then ask the class to demonstrate their understanding of the concept, actively engaging students in a community of learners.

State-of-the-Art Education Technology

State-of-the-art technology already integrated into the SABIS® classroom complements the teaching methodology allowing students to have the very best learning experience. Technology tools currently integrated include E-books, interactive boards and accompanying lessons, an integrated learning system, as well as an integrated testing and learning system.

Beyond the classroom, students continue to benefit from technologies developed by SABIS® that allows them access to a wealth of online learning tools from the safety of their homes, which complement and reinforce what they have learned in class.

State-of-the-Art Education Technology
State-of-the-Art Education Technology
State-of-the-Art Education Technology
State-of-the-Art Education Technology
State-of-the-Art Education Technology
the learningnever stops

The SABIS® Digital Platform

The SABIS® Digital Platform is also an essential element of the infrastructure that facilitates a smooth transition to E-learning. The SABIS® Digital Platform is a new generation, web-based teaching and learning platform. Located on an all-new cloud infrastructure, the SABIS® Digital Platform is capable of supporting thousands of users at the same time and can be accessed by any device (computer, mobile device, tablet, etc.).

Students and parents were very familiar with the platform, accessing it for multiple purposes such as to practice questions on unmastered learning points, take sample quizzes to test their knowledge, watch On-Demand Tutoring videos, download exam material and homework assignments, and receive important communications from school, to name a few.

Support Material

Together, these elements, already present as part of the learning experience, make the move from a traditional classroom to a virtual one at SABIS® schools around the world easy, efficient, and effective, ensuring that student learning is uninterrupted at all times.

Watch this video about the SABIS® E-learning solutions used to counter the COVID-19 Pandemic:

A Standard SABIS®
School Day Online

E-learning in SABIS® schools is available for all students from the youngest preschoolers to the graduating seniors. Every morning, they log in to the SABIS® Digital Platform from their tablets or computers at home to check their daily and weekly plans, detailed schedules, and download any assigned material.

School Day Online

In their daily routine, they attend a mix of classes, some that have either been pre-recorded by their teachers and uploaded on to the SABIS® Digital Platform, and some that are given in a “virtual classroom” environment in real time. Virtual classes are also recorded and uploaded on to the SABIS® Digital Platform, which students can access to watch again should they need to.
To ensure that the learning is in fact taking place, students have assigned homework and continue to take regular assessments to test their understanding. While students are working, teachers receive data on their progress and performance, and are able to follow-up with their students accordingly.

Watch this video to experience the SABIS® Virtual Classroom:

E-Learning Success
The COVID-19 Experience

Despite the current pandemic and subsequent disruption, and regardless of their physical location, SABIS® students are continuing their education without missing a beat. Thanks to highly developed E-learning solutions, a structured and systematic approach, and incomparable learning habits, SABIS® students have adapted rapidly to a changing world, and the learning has never stopped.

E-Learning COVID-19 Experience 0+
E-Learning COVID-19 Experience 0+
E-Learning COVID-19 Experience 0+