** Two SICS Seniors Earn Impressive Scholarships **

Date: Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Contact: Ms. Amy Wesley
Email: awesley@sabis.net

Two students from the SABIS® International Charter School (SICS), a SABIS® Network U.S. public charter school in Springfield, Massachusetts, recently earned impressive full, four-year college scholarships. Alaya Ayala was accepted to Harvard University and awarded the Harvard Faculty Scholarship. She was also awarded the Springfield/Holyoke Partnership Scholarship to attend Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Julissa Arce earned the prestigious International Leadership Ambassador Scholarship to attend Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. Together the scholarships earned by these two students are valued at over $674,000.

Julissa Arce (l.) and Alaya Ayala

Alaya joined SICS as a 9th grader. She established herself as a serious student, taking both Honors and AP® courses and maintaining a perfect GPA. She was an active member of SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) at the school and was involved in the school’s Model Congress team, which she was Senior Co-President of this year. Alaya was one of 30,167 students who applied to Harvard University, and was among the 1,134 (3.7%) accepted to the prestigious university.

Julissa enrolled at SICS in the 2nd grade. She also challenged herself with Honors and AP® courses and has maintained a perfect GPA. Her experiences at SICS made her a perfect fit for the Intercultural Leadership Ambassador Scholarship.

“When I read the application for this scholarship, I got really excited because I felt like the qualities they were looking for directly correlated with what I do at SICS every day,” Julissa said. “As a member of SLO®, I strive to promote diversity and inspire my ambassadors in the Outreach Department to do the same.”

Both girls are quick to credit their time at SICS with contributing to their success. “I feel like SICS was the perfect fit for me with so many opportunities,” Alaya said. “I found my voice [here]. At SICS everyone is so personally invested in your future, and I know I wouldn’t have received that experience at another school.”

SICS and its Board of Trustees are proud of the two girls’ accomplishments. Karen Reuter, SICS School Director, commended the girls for “embracing all that their SABIS® education had to offer,” and SICS Board Chairperson, Mrs. Ellen McDonald, added praise on behalf of the school’s board. “The Board of Trustees is extremely proud of the outstanding accomplishment of Alaya and Julissa in obtaining scholarships to such prestigious universities. We believe that they are shining examples of what students can achieve through hard work and perseverance.”

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