Roweena Al Banna, Bader, and Taima Shaheen

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Roweena Al Banna, Bader, and Taima Shaheen

Roweena Al Banna, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 2001    

Bader Shaheen, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 2030           

Taima Shaheen, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 2033          


Choueifat is all I know! My first steps at ISC-Sharjah were at the age of three (KG 1) and my ‘official’ last day was at sixteen (Grade 12). Yet now I am back again with my children, walking through my school all over again. Looking back, I had some great times and some tough times. I had the best teachers and made the best of friends who stuck with me for life. The best part of it is seeing some of my teachers currently teaching my children. It reminds me of the good old days.

When I got to university I realized the true value of the education I had received. That is when it clicked! I saw the differences between myself and others. Students were struggling to pass while it was revision for me. Even after I graduated from University, I found a job easily. That is what made put my children in Choueifat again after all the pressure I went through.”

Roweena Al Banna


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