Myrna Morcos, Samer, & Sabine Sarkis

Generations At SABIS®
Myrna Morcos, Samer, & Sabine Sarkis

Myrna Morcos, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 1986

Samer Sarkis, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 2017

Sabine Sarkis, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 2020


“My experience at ISC-Sharjah was truly an unforgettable one. Being one of the first graduates of the school in 1986, I look back with joy at my years at school. Witnessing how the SABIS® system develops and nurtures students, I never thought of any other alternative when the time came to enroll my children in school. The SABIS® Educational System™ arms the students with the most appropriate tools to cope with every challenge. I saw the strength and confidence that my son had when joining university and I am sure my daughter Sabine will follow in the same path.”

Myrna Morcos