Abeer, Ammar, Tameem, Tamara, & Rami Khalaf

Generations At SABIS®
Abeer, Ammar, Tameem, Tamara, & Rami Khalaf

Abeer Khalaf, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 1995

Ammar Khalaf, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 2031

Tameem Khalaf, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 2023

Tamara Khalaf, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 2021

Rami Khalaf, ISC-Sharjah, Class of 2019


“Being born to parents who worked at ISC-Sharjah, I literally opened my eyes within the comfort of the school even before I began attending school.  Another 25+ years later, my 4 children continue to form a sweet bond with the school. But it was still not enough. So, I came back as a teacher to personally add a touch of the ‘old guard’ in overseeing the preparation of future generations of ISC-Sharjah students... and going strong!

By the way, I have a daughter who looks and probably wants to be just like me. Who knows?”

Abeer Khalaf


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