Hamad, Nadine, & Karine Hamad

Generations At SABIS®
Hamad, Nadine, & Karine Hamad
“I had a strong upbringing at ISC-Choueifat, where I developed my academic and social abilities, both of which
helped me get into a renowned university. After ISC-Choueifat, I attended the American University of Beirut
(AUB) and majored in civil engineering. Upon graduation, the AUB alumni combined with SABIS®’ international
presence and reputation helped in reinforcing my CV and improved my prospects for work overseas in the U.A.E.
I believe that the SABIS® academic program builds very capable students and improves their chances of
success in university and their professional careers. The hard work pays off. I chose SABIS® for my children
because I want that added advantage for them.”

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