Chantal Lahad & Malek El Khoury

Generations At SABIS®
Chantal Lahad & Malek El Khoury
“I spent 12 years of my school life at ISC-Abu Dhabi. In 1998, I was accepted at the American University in
Beirut and later graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Education. When I later married and moved to Doha,
Qatar, the only school I applied to for work was ISC-Doha. To me this was my home, my familiarity, a school,
and a system that I grew up with and knew so well from the bottom of my heart. I was offered the job as AQC
for grades 1 and 2.
The reason I chose to put my son at a SABIS® school is because I know SABIS® offers a high quality education
that will give my son a wider choice and better chances at university eventually. The world has become such a
competitive place; challenges are increasing day after day. From the beginning of his foundation levels at the
infant school, all the way to graduating from SABIS® , my son will gain the skills and knowledge needed to face
all these challenges in his future and he will be better prepared for what is yet to come.”

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