Shadi Al Bahri

Life After SABIS®
Shadi Al Bahri

“In 2005, I graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a double major in statistics. I then moved to the U.S. and studied medicine at the Saba University School of Medicine, Massachusetts. In 2015, I completed a general surgery residency at the MedStar Health non-profit organization in affiliation with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. I entered the field of Robotic Surgery in 2016 during which I completed a fellowship training in bariatric, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery at the University of South Florida. I am now working as consultant general and bariatric surgeon at Tawam Hospital -Johns Hopkins Medicine International in the U.A.E. I am also the general surgery residency associate program director at SEHA, an Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, and assistant professor at the U.A.E. University.

The most important thing I learned at ISC-Al Ain was to work hard, push myself, and reap the rewards later. I was also motivated by the high expectations my school had of me, so I didn’t settle. I always aimed high and tried my best to give back to the community around me.”


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