Hawraz Jamal Ahmed

Life After SABIS®
Hawraz Jamal Ahmed

“I was among the lucky students who got accepted at PPP-Sarwaran. The SABIS® system and SLO had a great impact on all of us. The academic level was much higher than other schools and being part of the SLO allowed me to meet new friends of the same interests, helped me gain a variety of social skills, and enabled me to serve my school and community.

To be accepted at one of the highly ranked universities such as Harvard, you need to have an excellent academic record and an outstanding command of the English language. I truly believe SABIS® helped me tremendously in both aspects, especially with the external exams that we take in our final years. By studying Physics at Harvard, I believe I would be able to bring back scientific and creative input that would help re-innovate our community.”



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