Rasan Botani

Life After SABIS®
Rasan Botani

“I joined ISC-Erbil in 2006 and graduated in 2014.

I was offered a scholarship to attend ISC-Erbil and, with the help of the school, was able to thrive in my studies. Afterwards, I attended the University of Ishik in Erbil and majored in computer engineering. After graduating, I worked at Fakhir Mergasori International School (a SABIS® public-private partnership [PPP] school in Kurdistan). I then joined the IT team at my alma mater, ISC-Erbil, as an intern and later as a full timer.

ISC-Erbil taught me the value of hard-work and self-discipline, which allowed me to thrive as a student later at university and in my personal life as well.”


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