Magdalena Mikolajczyk

Life After SABIS®
Magdalena Mikolajczyk

"I enrolled at RPS in 2004 and graduated in 2013.

I completed an undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences with honors from Cardiff University. After graduating, I started working as a data analyst for a consulting company in Cardiff whilst deciding what career to follow. I've decided to apply for a master's course in public health that I will hopefully start in October 2018.

The organizational skills and self-discipline that I learned and practiced at RPS have probably had the largest influence on my life. For example, getting used to learning systematically and planning ahead helped me a lot at university. My involvement with SLO® has had a very positive effect on me - letting me grow as a person. The head of management role I was given in Grade 12 improved my problem-solving skills and increased my self-confidence. I also still benefit from having tutored my peers and younger students in RPS, as I volunteer and mentor students in Cardiff as well."


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