Astefanos Al Dalakta

Life After SABIS®
Astefanos Al Dalakta

"I joined ISC-Erbil in September 2013 and graduated in June 2014.

I was accepted at the Lebanese American University, where I began a bachelor's degree in biology (premed program). Shortly after, I decided to take a gap year to teach science at my alma mater, ISC- Erbil. Currently, I am planning to go back to the the Lebanese American University and aim to study medicine and do my residency in cardiothoracic surgery in the United States.

ISC-Erbil helped me acquire an academic edge over other students. The rigorous SABIS® curriculum prepared me very well for external examinations (SAT and AP®), which were vital in the university admissions and scholarship application process. In addition, SLO® helped in the development of my personality and taught me how to be an active citizen in my community."


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