Antony Harper

Life After SABIS®
Antony Harper

"I enrolled at ISC-Abu Dhabi in 1978 and graduated in 1983.

After graduating, I went to Imperial College London to study aeronautical engineering. After graduation, I joined Jaguar Cars, where I worked for the next 32 years, picking up a master’s degree in mathematical modelling from Coventry University along the way. I was involved in the design of many Jaguar and Land Rover cars in my career and became Director of Engineering Research for the Jaguar Land Rover Group in 2006. I recently left the company to lead the British government's initiative to create an electric vehicle battery industry in the U.K.

ISC-Abu Dhabi brought out some potential in me that I didn't even know I had. Without any exaggeration, I believe that my education there completely changed the direction of my life. I will be forever grateful to my parents for sending me there and to the teachers and leadership at the school for an outstanding education. I made many great friends there, the majority of whom I am still in touch with today."


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