About SABIS®

Backed by Excellence

SABIS® is a global education management organization that is backed by 135 years of success in educating students and preparing them for the future.

The SABIS® Network dates back to 1886, when a small school was started in the village of Choueifat, Lebanon.  The school survived conflict and wars, prospered, and expanded to become part of a global network known for educational excellence.

Today, the SABIS® Network has an active presence in the public and private sectors in 20 countries on five continents. 
A team of more than 8,000 employees in the network educates over 70,000 students, helping to prepare them for life and success in a rapidly changing world.

Backed by Excellence

Our Philosophy

All students in the SABIS® Network benefit from a 135-year tradition of excellence in education, a reputation that is rooted in a well-developed philosophy that seeks to make a university education accessible to almost all students, not just a select few.

Our success is measured in the value added to students, all of whom are admitted based on a non-selective admissions policy.

Our Philosophy

Our Core Purpose & Values

Students in SABIS® Network schools receive an education that is derived from a clear core purpose and a set of core values that helps them achieve their full potential. 

SABIS® Core Purpose:  To provide an outstanding education at a reasonable cost and help all students achieve their full potential through the implementation of the SABIS® Educational System.

Empowering Future Generations

SABIS® is committed to helping prepare students achieve success in a changing world. 

Through an emphasis on the basics and frequent assessment, students in SABIS® Network schools have a solid academic foundation they can use as a springboard for future learning.

Students are also encouraged to get involved in the rich student engagement program in every SABIS® Network school.  The SABIS Student Life Organization® helps students explore their talents, discover their interests, and develop essential life skills such as leadership, collaboration, cooperation, and critical thinking. 

Empowering Future Generations

SABIS® Alumni Global Association

SABIS® is committed to empowering alumni long after they graduate. Close to 28,000 alumni enjoy the opportunities provided by a SABIS® education in all facets of their lives.  They represent generations of students who are empowered to successfully navigate the dynamic landscape of the future.  

All graduates from SABIS® Network schools automatically become members of the SABIS® Alumni Global Association (SAGA), an association that unites graduates, preserves friendships, and facilitates professional networking.

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SABIS® Alumni Global Association
  • Admission to country level Chapters supported by a virtual online community
  • Alumni Directory to help members stay in touch
  • Networking with SABIS® graduates around the globe
  • Job search capabilities to facilitate global employment and advancement
  • Regular updates of news and events at your alma mater
  • Online sharing of success stories
  • Notification of alumni news and events by region
  • Online chat tools

We Value
Our core values support the achievement of high standards.

Practicing honesty and integrity
Upholding our principles at all costs and at all times
Continually improving and never becoming complacent
Emphasizing quality at all times
Making a difference
Recognizing and rewarding efficiency, loyalty, and commitment

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