Young LPCS Students Discover Joy of Reading

At Linwood Public Charter School (LPCS) in Shreveport, Louisiana, the SABIS Student Life Organization® Lower School Department prefects have been spending time reading with younger students. This activity, known as “DEAR” (Drop Everything and Read), is an ongoing initiative which has had a positive impact on the younger students, helping them discover the joy of reading at an early age.

LPCS teachers have noticed how enthusiastic their students have become about reading and how their interest in independent reading has grown rapidly. “Students have become more interested in reading because of the interaction they have with the older students and, therefore, they have become more fluent in their reading skills,” stated one LPCS teacher.

In all SABIS® Network schools, the SLO® Lower School Department is committed to introducing students to the importance of being actively involved in school from an early age.  Prefects in the Lower School Department look out for the younger students and act as role models, sowing the seed of interest in SLO®, which is an essential component in the SABIS® Educational System.

To learn more about LPCS, visit linwood.sabis.net. To learn more about SLO® activities, such as the DEAR initiative, that take place daily across the network, visit slonews.sabis.net.

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