SIS-Phoenix Celebrates International Night

In celebration of International Night, students at the SABIS® International School (SIS-Phoenix) in Phoenix, Arizona, transformed their school into a global wonderland showcasing nine countries.  On Thursday, January 14, 2016, every grade level in the school, from Kindergarten through Grade 8, represented a country and elaborately decorated their classrooms and hallways accordingly.

From Ireland to Nigeria, Botswana, Guatemala, Barbados, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands, and Brazil, the vibrant displays featured information about the country the class was representing and gave insight into its culture and lifestyle.

On the night of the event, students and their families were invited to visit each classroom and learn about diverse and rich cultures featured. Upon arrival, guests were issued “passports” that they would use to collect stamps after visiting each classroom and answering a question about the “country” they had visited. This created a real sense of excitement as the visitors traveled throughout the school building collecting stamps and experiencing the different classrooms and countries. “International Night was amazing! We traveled to different places without ever leaving the school,” said a Grade 7 SIS student.  The night also featured performers, vendors, and food for all the guests to enjoy.

International Night is one of many events held at SIS-Phoenix that allows students to develop a better understanding of the world around them and build a real tolerance and understanding of the many cultures and people that share their planet.

For more information about SIS in Phoenix, visit sis.sabis.net

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