MAIA Receives FLY Grant

Mt. Auburn International Academy (MAIA), a member school in the global SABIS® Network, recently learned that it is was selected as one of four winners of the Financially Literate Youth (FLY) grant. MAIA is set to receive a grant of $5,000, which it will use to fund a financial literacy program at the school. The FLY program, launched by CompareCards, a leader among credit card resource websites, seeks to educate youth about the importance of good financial habits and prepare them to make informed financial choices as adults. 

“For many students, finance is an obscure topic—they have had little to no exposure to personal finance,” said Ms. Wissam Sabbagh, Director of MAIA. “The FLY grant will allow us to change students’ perceptions and behavior by demonstrating the importance and relevance of personal finance for college, work, and life in general.”

Across the country, 200 schools applied to the FLY program. A grant committee consisting of CompareCards employees and community members reviewed and evaluated the applications based on the quality and feasibility of the proposed or existing program(s) and the potential of the program to effectively educate youth about financial choices. 

With the grant, MAIA plans to develop and implement a curriculum that will teach students how to maintain a budget, manage a bank account, build and establish credit, use products to create savings, understand basic investment concepts, and practice essential money management.

“We are planning to reach 200 students per year and prepare them to deal with the financial aspects of their lives they will be dealing with once they are out into the real world,” explained Ms. Sabbagh. “Ultimately, this program will give students the skills they will need to avoid the financial pitfalls following graduation.” 

Mt. Auburn International Academy, founded in 2008, is a K-12 public charter school located in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Like all members of the global SABIS® Network, MAIA is committed to teaching students important life skills that will prepare them for success in the future.

To learn more about Mt. Auburn International Academy, visit maia-sabis.net.  


                                                                                            MAIA students pose with $5000 FLY grant check

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