Students Promote SABIS® On-Demand Tutoring at ISC-Erbil

In an effort to create awareness about SABIS® On-Demand Tutoring (ODT), the SABIS Student Life Organization®’s (SLO®) Academic Department at the International School of Choueifat – Erbil (ISC-Erbil) organized training sessions for students to become more acquainted with the on-line, academic support feature. Training sessions will be held for students from grades 3 to 11 and have already started with Grade 5 prefects mentoring Grade 3 students on ODT.

SABIS® On-Demand Tutoring is a set of online video tutorials “for students, by students,” that teach missed concepts or those which need reinforcement. Video explanations mirror the proven SABIS Point System® of instruction used in class and include clear explanations, concept application, and solutions to exercises. ODT can be accessed through SABIS® WebSchool, an online platform which provides students and parents easy access to information that supports the learning process.

The goal of the ODT training sessions is to familiarize students with SABIS® ODT so they can become more comfortable in using this feature at home.  Through ODT, students are able to independently study and review concepts learned in school.  Feedback on the ODT training sessions has been positive, with more students becoming interested in the feature and a higher number of users visiting the site.

The ODT project is one of the many ways that ISC-Erbil, like all schools in the SABIS® Network, empowers students with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve their full potential.

For more information about SABIS® On-Demand Tutoring at ISC-Erbil, visit iscerbil.sabis.net.

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