Students Learn about Road Safety at Zakho International School

The SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) Activity Department at Zakho International School organized a full day of learning and fun for KG2 students. On October 3, 2015, the SLO® invited two police officers to teach students about traffic laws and road signs.

KG2 students spent the day learning the importance of road safety, understanding pedestrian and vehicle crossing laws, as well as engaging in fun and educational activities. Learning such safety skills at an early age is extremely important and equips the children with the knowledge they need to stay safe.

KG2 students were very attentive during the police officers’ presentation.  “The children were very excited about the activity and felt very special for having two police officers spend time with them,” said the Student Life Coordinator at Zakho International School. The students later put their knowledge to the test as they rode their toy cars and bicycles on simulated roads, abiding by all the traffic and road safety rules and regulations they had just learned.

Zahko International School, like all SABIS® PPP schools, provides its students with valuable skills that prepares them for life. Teaching students about the importance of road safety and traffic laws is just one of the many ways the school creates and implements valuable life lessons.

To learn more about Zahko International School, visit pppkurdistan-sabis.net/zakho.


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