Shamma Bint Sohail Bin Faris Al Mazrui

Life After SABIS®
Shamma Bint Sohail Bin Faris Al Mazrui

"I enrolled at ISC-Abu Dhabi in 1996 and graduated in 2010.

After graduating, I joined New York University Abu Dhabi and earned my bachelor's degree in economics. I then went on to earn my master’s degree in public policy from the University of Oxford in 2015. I later joined the Abu Dhabi Investment Council - Private Equity Department, Co-Investments Team and afterwards was appointed as Minister of State for Youth Affairs in the U.A.E. Federal Government.

My journey with SABIS® shaped my life in the most fundamental ways as a learner, a citizen, and a human being. I remember how our teachers radiated a moral joy and offered a firm, gentle invitation to help us all dig deeper into ourselves to add wisdom, faith, compassion, and gratitude to our knowledge. Their spirit of giving cultivated a spirit of giving in ourselves. SABIS® understood that the education of character cannot be cultivated through a mere transaction -- a book, a test, an E-mail, or a tweet. A good heart is obtained through trusted relationships and over a lifetime of diligent effort, reflection, and learning experiences."


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